Tips For Travel Through Europe Using European Train Travel

Feb 18 2022 Published by dayat under Uncategorized

If you want to travel through Europe and are wondering how to get about, travelling by coach or train is going to be your best bet, especially if you are from the US and intend visiting the United Kingdom. The EuRail schedule is quite accommodating for most countries and is easy to use, but it is wise to plan ahead if using European train travel not only for peace of mind, but to save your cash for those souvenirs.

Why? If you live in the US most of the roads are quite wide and straight. In the UK, if you come off the motorways (which you will have to do), the roads are often narrow, winding, and hilly. There is of course the added ‘benefit’ of having to stop suddenly because of the odd herd of cattle or sheep crossing! Cyclists are another problem that many International visitors are not used to dealing with. Therefore, unless you are experienced in driving yourself in the UK, you are advised to use the British Rail travel system or coach services.

Getting around on the British Rail travel system can be a bit daunting as the trains frequently run late, are overcrowded at certain times and are not always that fast. That said, the service has improved significantly over the last few years and there are much fewer problems. If you already plan to travel through Europe using the rail systems, then you will find the British Rail staff are usually friendly and helpful and most of the trains comfortable with the usual facilities including dining cars for that all important snack.

By using the EuRail schedule, you can book online easily using whatever currency available to you and a EuRail pass will let you travel seamlessly through countries in Europe excluding a few countries such as the UK and Switzerland where you will have to book separately. Booking separately in individual countries can also be completed online and will again save you time and money. This is bound to be the best option if you only wish to visit two or three countries.

European train travel is of course hampered a little by the lack of complete unification and the differences between the countries in terms of the development of the rail systems. Germany for example, has one of the best services in the world and you can now whizz between France and the UK via the Channel Tunnel. This is far better and faster than having to travel on the ferries. Hopefully, when you travel through Europe you will have no problems, but if you are prepared to do a little research and book ahead then your trip should be much smoother and more enjoyable.

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